There’s Something Different About Kendall Jenner’s Lips And It’s Kylie’s Fault

Kendall has shocked fans with these latest photographs...

By now we ALL know that Kylie Jenner is the lipstick queen of the Kardashian/Jenner fam’, right?

Having been the subject of much speculation about her own pout, the 19-year-old will know only too well how her older sister Kendall Jenner is feeling right about now.

Why? Well, after a new picture was posted to social media, many fans have been left wondering whether Kenny has followed in Kylie’s footsteps and taken to lip fillers.

The snap, which shows Kendall and Kylie promoting their new book, shows the girls with their contour on point (natch).

But it did not take long for the model’s followers to comment on her apparently fuller pout, with replies including: ‘tell me you haven’t filled your lips!’ and ‘is that a mosquito bite on your lips or what’.

Another fan took a close-up of Kendall’s face, along with the words: ‘What have you done to yourself @KendallJenner?!’

Ouch. Slightly harsh.

But, panic over, Kendall’s little sister has come to her rescue and explained that she is behind her fuller lips. And not in the way that you might think.

Taking to social media to explain exactly what had happened, Kylie insisted that it was her make-up skills – not a cosmetic procedure – behind the apparent plumping.

Telling her Snapchat followers the situ’, Kylie said, ‘You guys, Kendall let me over-line her lips today with lip liner and everyone thinks she got lip injections.’

Ah. The old over-lining trick.

Kendall saw the funny side, as you could hear her giggling during the short video clip.

So, there you have it. Nothing to see here.