Are The Kardashians Leaving Kendall Jenner Out?

It can’t be easy to juggle five sisters when you’re a Kardashian. And it sounds like Kendall Jenner is finding it particularly hard to get her sisters’ attention.

The 20-year-old must have the busiest schedule of all of her family, being a high-paid and seriously in-demand model and all. And with her job leading her to jet all around the world, we imagine it’s hard to keep in touch with her pals and sisters.

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But in a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we see Kendall getting upset that she’s being ‘forgotten’ amidst her huge family. Aw, poor Kenny.

‘It really annoys me when you come to the city and don’t hang out with me’, Kendall says to her sisters. ‘You forget about me… I don’t want to be forgotten about because I have to work a lot.’


Even momager Kris Jenner got involved, telling Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian that they should stop leaving Kendall out.

‘I think it’s really important that you girls give her extra love when she’s back in town’, she told them.

Thankfully, the girls listened, and did something seriously sweet for KJ to make up for neglecting her.

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Kylie, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney broke into Kendall’s house and filled it full of ‘welcome home’ decorations, making it clear there was no bad blood between the siblings.

‘I love that my sisters put together a care package and a girls night together, I guess in the future I will let them know I’m in town ahead of time’, Kendall told the cameras afterwards.

Aw. That’s what we call sisterly love.