Kendall And Kylie Get Touchy-Feely On Australian Radio

Kendall and Kylie Jenner ended up enjoying a very intimate moment during a radio interview this week.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians sisters had a cheeky feel of host Hamish Blake’s pecs while chatting to him and co-presenter Andy Lee on Southern Cross Austereo’s Hamish And Andy show. Ooh.

It all started when Hamish and Andy asked the pair to check out a photo, purportedly showing a female drummer performing in nothing but an unzipped jacket and trousers.

> Hamish Blake and Andy Lee pulled a cheeky prank on the sisters


Hamish explained: ‘We had something we wanted to run past you guys because you’re very expert in the field of fashion and what’s hot, what’s not.

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‘We had a band on the show during the week – on our radio show – that came and played live and the drummer, she wears like a leather jacket when she drums but no top underneath. It’s open, it’s like an unzipped leather jacket.’

Kendall and Kylie were clearly pretty taken aback, with 20-year-old Kendall commenting: ‘That’s crazy, like, she wears that, just, like, on a normal day? That’s very editorial of her.’

> This photo tricked Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Oops!


Kylie, 18, added: ‘I think it’s kind of cool. I’d just be worried about a quick nip slip while playing the drums.’

But when the hosts probed further, eagle-eyed Kylie started to smell a rat.

She exclaimed: ‘That’s a guy!’ before Kendall said: ‘Are you messing with us or something? Literally, I was like: “That can’t be a girl.”‘

> Ahh. It’s all starting to make sense…


Hamish then confessed that it was actually HIM in the photo, revealing: ‘There’s been a bit of a debate raging this week that because of the way I was sitting on the drum stool, and because of an unlucky lapel crease [it looked] a bit like I had boobs.

‘You can see right now, please help me put boob-gate to bed.’

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Kendall and Kylie confirmed that they didn’t think he had moobs – but that wasn’t enough for Hamish.

> Kendall Jenner had a feel


He asked them to give them a feel, which they both happily agreed to. Kendall seemed pretty impressed, giggling to Kylie: ‘Oh they’re nice pecs. I can feel the flexing, I think he flexed for me.’

Kylie agreed: ‘Yeah, it’s definitely hard’.

> Kylie Jenner also had a go