Was This The Reason Kendall Jenner Seemed Low At The VS Show?

The model says her and her family have been 'praying' for Kanye West following his hospitalisation...

Kendall Jenner may have just explained why she seemed so out of sorts at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The 21-year-old model turned out for the annual lingerie spectacle in Paris on Wednesday looking just as sensational as usual as she strutted her way down the very famous Angel catwalk in five hot lingerie looks.

But insiders backstage at the show noted that Kendall seemed out of sorts, with one source telling LOOK that the model seemed ‘sad’ and ‘nervous’ as she shunned the press (and the after-party) whilst her fellow Angels mingled.

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However, Kendall has since given a glimpse of what’s been going on in her personal life, which goes some way to explaining her unusually sombre mood.

Speaking out about sister Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West, who was recently admitted to hospital following a rumoured ‘nervous breakdown, Kendall revealed that her and her family are ‘praying’ for Kanye’s recovery.

When asked how Kim and Kanye are doing, and whether they’re holding up, Kendall told reporters: ‘Yes, of course [he’ll be okay]. Everyone’s okay. Everyone is doing okay, just praying.’

Kendall seemed out of sorts backstage at the VS Show...

Kendall seemed out of sorts backstage at the VS Show…


And despite none of her family attending this year’s VS show to watch her work, Kendall insisted that they were still supporting her from afar.

‘It’s [just] me’, she told Entertainment Tonight at the event. ‘Yeah, no one is coming out but they’re all – I’ve literally been texting with all of them, like, the past couple days.

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‘Everyone’s, like, freaking out, I got so many flowers from, like, all my family members. So, yeah, I feel the love for sure from LA.’

Kendall was seen flanked by extra security at the Victoria’s Secret Show following sister Kim’s terrifying Paris robbery which happened last month.

‘She had a special handler the whole time when other girls didn’t,’ an onlooker told PageSix. ‘She arrived at the after-party with private security, even though the police were there.’

With Kim and Kanye’s recoveries clearly on her mind, it’s no wonder she appeared a little distracted. Sending all our love to the Kardashian/Jenners right now.