9 Things We Learnt From Partying With Kendall Jenner

What do you say when you’re invited to go party in Cannes with Kendall Jenner? Er. A THOUSAND TIMES YES, obviously.

So off we jetted to the glitzy film festival, where the Keeping Up With The Kardashians lady was celebrating the launch of Magnum Double.


Cannes is just as beautiful as it looks in the photos

At the bash, Kendall, 20, looked incredible in a plunging Versace number, which she’d paired with a slicked-back up-do and a fierce red lip. And yes, she’s just as gorgeous up close.

But besides from Kendall being a total babe, what else goes down at a Kardashian/Jenner party? Well, this is what our beady eyes spotted…


1) The momager was right by her side

Kendall spent the whole night with her mum Kris Jenner. Aw.

Kris, 60, looked just as glamorous in a gold Versace mini. And she can definitely Keep Up with her daughter – yep Kris, we saw you busting a few moves ;).


We Snapchatted Kris and Kendall Jenner arriving at the party (for more inside gossip, follow us @lookmagazineuk)

2) However, they DIDN’T dance to Kanye West

When the DJs blasted out some Yeezy, we were sure Kendall and Kris would be straight out of their seats. But nope.

TBH, they’ve probably heard it a few times before. And those heels looked pretty killer.


Kendall Jenner and her mum Kris were decked out in killer heels

3) Kendall dug into an ice cream

She was happily snacking on a Magnum.

4) The drinks came in the prettiest bottles

And check out those matching glasses. #Kitcheninspo.


5) There were three DJs on the decks at once

Because one just wasn’t enough for a party as fabulous as this.


6) Gold confetti fell down from the roof and waitresses carried in trays of Magnums and sparklers

C’mon, this night was never going to be low-key.


7) Kendall‘s all about the squad

As well as Kris, she was accompanied by the Kardashian/Jenners’ hairdresser Jen Atkin and make-up artist Joyce Bonelli.

They both looked beaut, BTW.


Kendall Jenner had quite the entourage with her

8) Mert and Marcus (who shot Kendall’s campaign for Magnum) also made an appearance

And, um, this happened.


Mert Alas took the opportunity for an impromptu photoshoot with Kendall Jenner

9) Oh. And this was the view… (taken earlier in the day)

So stunning!


Feel free to invite us again next time, lady…