Kendall Jenner Comes Under Fire For A Ballet-Themed Shoot

The 20-year-old poses in pointe shoes and a leotard for Vogue Spain - but some dancers are *furious* with her for being 'disrespectful' to the industry...

Kendall Jenner looks ah-mazing in her new shoot for Vogue Spain – but not everyone is impressed with it.

Why’s this? Because the 20-year-old model portrays a ballet dancer, which some in the industry think is ‘disrespectful’. Eep.

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Spanish Vogue by @miguelreveriego

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In a series of photos, Kendall poses in a tutu, pointe shoes and leg warmers.

Then in an accompanying video, she can be seen dancing around a studio. In a voiceover, she says: ‘I had to grow up pretty fast, I love being a kid – to run around like a child just not caring.

‘I’ve always been adventurous, so I love doing stuff like that – I don’t know, just stupid stuff. I love walking around – being able to be free.’

Spanish Vogue by @miguelreveriego

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A number of professional ballerinas have hit out at the concept, with magazine Dance Spirit even penning a blog post about their disappointment.

They wrote: ‘They decided to dress Jenner up in tutus and legwarmers and have her “do ballet,” though she’s clearly not ballet trained.

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‘In the voiceover, she talks about “loving being a kid” and missing childhood; the video is, apparently, a sort of little-girl fantasy on ballerina-ness. Which, OK.

‘But to our eyes, the whole thing reads as pretty disrespectful to the artists who devote their lives to this demanding craft [sic].’

Over on Twitter, comments include: ‘I am exhausted yet cannot sleep because I’m having NIGHTMARES about Kendall Jenner trying to do ballet and I’m so OFFENDED it hurts,’ and: ‘Kendall Jenner pretending she knows anything about ballet is truly the most offensive thing of 2016…’

Warning against incorrect techniques, one wrote: ‘Everyone look up the dangers of pointe even with simple wrong poses she’s doing. You see how beat up and blistered girls’ feet become and you tell me its just a photo shoot.’

Kendall now appears to have disabled the comments on one of her Instagram uploads of the shoot. Whether this is because of the backlash or not, we can’t be sure.

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