Kelly Osbourne Has A Painful Encounter With Heels

Kelly Osbourne has always been about her personal style. 

But the Australia’s Got Talent judge has just opened up about one of the more painful sides of fashion. 

You might have noticed that the daughter of Sharon Osbourne has been spotted with a cane?


Well, if you follow her on Instagram you’ll know that she suffered a foot injury not too long ago.

It seems that it may not have healed, as she’s now revealed to Daily Mail Australia that she was in excruciating pain during filming of the talent competition, thanks to her injured foot.

She explained, ‘I have five fractures in this [right] foot and I was wearing heels through the audition period of Australia’s Got Talent’.


Ouch. We know that high heels are hardly the epitome of comfort even on a normal day, but that’s got to have hurt.

She went on, ‘And I’m like “I’m in so much pain” so they sent me to the specialist and they said, “oh you’ve got five fractures”‘.


kelly osbourne fashion Kelly Osbourne always makes a style statement


Wow. We admire her dedication!

Kelly-O explained: ‘They said the only way you can wear heels is if you take a walking stick. I literally can’t walk without it’.

Aw. Perhaps she should rest up that foot in some stylish flats? 

We wish you a speedy recovery, Kelly.