Kelly Osbourne Defends Her Eyebrows

Well, this is a headline we never thought we’d write. Kelly Osbourne has come to the defence of her eyebrows after taking to the red carpet with a bizarre new look this week.

Kelly attended a Ck One event at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, but there was something noticeably different about her appearance. Underneath her floppy lilac fringe was a pair of bleached eyebrows.

Baffled? We were, too. It turns out that Kelly had her eyebrows tinted peroxide blonde for a magazine photo shoot (not one of ours, mind). But she got so annoyed with people talking about them on Twitter, that she leapt to their defence yesterday.

She said: “Get over the eyebrows people it was for a photo shoot! If you don’t shut up I will keep them like this just to p**s you off! :).” (sic)

Before we know it they’ll have their own Twitter page! RM