Kelly Brook Teases Danny Cipriani After Bus Accident

Kelly Brook issues a warning after Danny Cipriani was hit by a bus and it’s safe to say she’s not 100% tea and sympathy! It’s not every day you’re hit by a ton of moving metal, but rather than feeling sorry for reignited flame Danny, Kelly is taking the opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers of dark Lycra mixed with booze and public transport.

In a video posted on, Kelly says with a smile: “Anyone considering going on a pub crawl, I’d say think twice.” When Danny protests her suggestion he was on a booze cruise, she tells the camera: “He was on a pub crawl! Be cautious and don’t go out in a spray-on black catsuit because you won’t be visible, even if you are dressed up as gold dust.”

The accident happened when Kelly’s rugby toyboy Danny hit Leeds for a 14-bar pub-crawl (phew!) with his teammates, that ended with Danny strapped to a stretcher. Not the most successful night then! Her baby-faced beau managed to escape his collision with the bus fairly unscathed, with just a grazed face and sore ribs, but Kelly is more than happy to tease him about his bruised pride.

Clearly worried her Florence Nightingale credentials were in doubt, Kelly posted a follow-up video a few hours later to tell fans: “I have just spent two hours making chicken soup for my boyfriend. I am being a very patient, loving, nurturing, nurse. It’s all in good humour, of course, and even with Danny’s war wounds, the pair still manage to look perfect together. No fair!

By Lucy Hancock, 29 April 2013

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