Kellie Bright: ‘We Were Trying For A Baby For More Than A Year’

The EastEnders actress opens up about her and husband Paul Stocker's struggle to conceive...

Kellie Bright has opened up about her second pregnancy.

The EastEnders actress, 40, is expecting her second child with husband Paul Stocker, but the couple have admitted that things haven’t been particularly easy.

Paul tells OK!: ‘It took us ages. By the time Strictly rolled around in 2015, we’d been trying for about a year.’

Kellie Bright

Kellie Bright plays Linda Carter in EastEnders

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Kellie adds: ‘I think Strictly helped us, as it took the focus off trying and the fact I was nearly 40.

‘We were trying for more than a year and I was aware that I wasn’t getting any younger – but here we are, pregnant and I’m due on November 26.

‘We both have brothers and wanted that for [first son] Freddy, too. If you’d asked me 10 years ago, I’d have said I wanted 10 babies.

Paul Stocker

Paul Stocker has also made an appearance in EastEnders

‘Obviously that’s not going to happen but we feel very lucky that we’re having another baby. Really, really lucky.

‘It was never about getting married for me. If I’d never got married in my entire life that would have been fine. I mean, truly fine.

‘But if I hadn’t become a mum that would have killed me a little bit inside somehow.’

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Kellie Bright

Kellie and Paul – who welcomed Freddy in 2011 and married in 2014 – seem fairly relaxed about the upcoming birth.

They’ve revealed that they don’t have a birthing plan, with Kellie explaining: ‘With Freddy we were all over the birthing plan.

‘I wanted it to be as natural as possible and planned a hypnobirth in a birthing pool.

‘But it all went out the window as I had to be induced and I had pre-eclampsia. So this time I’m just going with the flow.’

Sending you lots of luck, lady! And congratulations again.