Keira Knightley’s Wedding: The Dress (And The Rest) Revealed!

Keira Knightley and Klaxons’ only keyboarding hunk James Righton got hitched this weekend in Provence, and the details made us cry a little tear of envy.

With numerous offers from top designers like Karl Lagerfeld to make the 28-year-old actress a wedding dress, and despite our reports she donned a recycled Rodarte pre-Bafta dress from 2008, it’s been confirmed Keira wore Chanel, circa spring/summer 2006 (originally designed my Karl). Our hawk-eye Acting Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor Erica spotted the similarities between the gorgeous, pink tulle dress she wore at her nuptials (left) and the Rodarte gown (right) – and you could be forgiven for mixing them up. Well, at least now we know Keira has a fave dress style.

At the sun-soaked country location in the South of France, James bought Keira a £3,000, 100-year-old olive tree and unveiled it on their big day as a wedding pressie. As if that wasn’t romantic enough, he had their initials and the date of their wedding carved into the bark. A source told The Sun: “James had it planted in the back garden of her home in France on the day of the wedding. He had carved their initials in a heart and showed her in front of everyone. She collapsed into fits of giggles, it was very sweet.”

In terms of the ring, James didn’t just nip down to H Samuels – he gave Keira a wedding band belonging to his grandmother. The source said: “The ring he gave her was a family heirloom. too. He really did think it all through.”

The ceremony took at place at the Mazan’s Hotel De Ville near Keira’s £1.9 million Provence farmhouse, then they celebrated with around 50 guests and a boozy banquet. The guest said: “It was an amazing wedding, the whole thing was really sweet and down to earth.”

By Lucy Hancock 9 May, 2013

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