Keira Knightley Wows In Chanel At ‘Anna Karenina’ Premiere

Keira Knightley wowed onlookers in her Chanel (of course!) gown at the premiere of Anna Karenina tonight in Leicester Square.

The actress was praised by costars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jude Law, who said that this is the best performance of her career so far.

Keira explained exactly what attracted her to the story on BBC Breakfast today, saying: “I remember reading the book when I was 18. I remembered it being a sweeping romance, but it’s really dark. We never wanted to simplify this thing and think, ‘He’s the baddy, she’s the goody’… The great tragedy of Anna is that she never recognises what’s in front of her. It’s a very theatrical retelling.”

You can see it for yourself when the movie is released in the UK this Friday! BS