Kaya Scodelario On Skins Fire: “I Was Nervous To Bring Effy Back”

Kaya Scodelario made a welcome return to our TV screens last night as she resurrected everyone’s favourite sexy, scruffy temptress, Effy Stonem, for E4’s special three-episode finale series, Skins Fire.

As we followed the first part of Effy’s journey from troubled teen to professional city slicker in the one-off comeback episode, 21-year-old Kaya made her transition back into the role that made her famous look easy. But the London-born actress admits that the decision to bring Effy back was far from simple…

“When I said goodbye to Effy three years ago, I cried my eyes out. It was really difficult for all of us to say goodbye as it was our first job,” Kaya told Radio Times. “I didn’t think Effy was ever going to return and I was really nervous about bringing her back. It took a lot of convincing because she’s so precious to me and such an important part of who I am.” 

Thankfully, Kaya agreed after being handed the Skins Fire script. “Skins is actually a part of who I am as a person, so I was really focused on making sure the scripts and the storylines were right”, she said. 

So what can we expect from part two of Effy’s story, which concludes next Monday night? “The main theme is Effy and Naomi’s friendship; how it grows, how it changes and the kind of struggles that they go through together”, Kaya revealed. “The story is about a lot of different things including friendship, love and redemption but ultimately it’s them finding themselves in the world.

“They are trying to work out what it means to grow up, how you’re supposed to know when you’ve become an adult and what you should do with your life. It’s hard to work all that out when you’re twenty-something. I certainly haven’t.” We’re with you there, Kaya. We’re still working out how to pay our council tax each month…

Catch Skins Fire on E4, Mondays, at 10pm.

By Robyn Munson

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