Katy Perry’s Stylist Talks To LOOK & Shares His Xmas Style Tips

Katy Perry is by far one of our favourite popstars – not only for her fun music and incredible on-stage presence, but for her kooky style and amazing love life, too. Not a day goes by when we’re not in awe of the singer and another one of her PVC candy creations. No wonder she’s got John Mayer on her arm!

LOOK.co.uk has spoken to Katy’s stylist, Johnny Wujek for all the gossip on Katy’s backstage antics, her wardrobe choices, and what we should be wearing come December… 

Hi, Johnny. Katy always looks amazing. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I get it from everywhere. It’s crazy to say this but I’ll like run on the treadmill and I’ll be thinking of ideas constantly. So a lot of it just comes from my mind, a lot of it comes from Google; a lot of it comes from old movies, old magazines or different cultures. And also it really depends on what we’re working on – like what the project or the theme is – and then I just kind of dive into that. When we were working with candy, I dove into candy, and got a stomach ache.

When you’re working with Katy, for example on her tour – do you just sit down with her and brainstorm? 

Oh yeah, constantly. We’re always brainstorming ideas together. And I’m always sending her rough pictures, and she’s always sending me rough pictures. It’s a big collab, her and I.

She sounds like such a lovely friend…

She’s one of my best friends. She’s my friend above everything. I mean it’s crazy that she’s my boss, but she’s my friend.

Katy has such a fun idea of what she likes, you must get to do some amazing, outrageous things…

Exactly. The thing that’s so cool is that- regardless if she’s wearing some sort of silly banana costume- she always looks beautiful. She always looks sexy. She owns her body and her curves. She’s got such a great sense of humour overall. She’ll put something on and she’ll be like ‘I look like an idiot’ then she’ll be like ‘Alright then, let’s go’. It’s all about the reaction you get. She just loves making people smile and laugh. 

Do you know Rihanna very well, too?  

I know her through Katy. She’s such a sweetheart and always so great, and so fun to be around. I love hers and Katy’s friendship.

So have you been introduced to John Mayer yet? 

I met him a long time ago.

Any Christmas party season fashion tips for LOOK readers?

When it gets cold, I’m obsessed with autumn and winter because I just love the fashion, the layering and this and that. I love what they did for autumn with all these over-sized jackets with kind of like a box-cut. I think they’re really cool. There’s so many amazing geometric knits, too. As far as party dresses go – the more sparkles the better, I think. LS & RM

Katy Perry: Part of Me is available to buy on DVD now.