This Is Officially The World’s Highest Earning Celebrity

UPDATE: We take it back, we take it all back. Taylor Swift is now not only the highest paid celebrity in music, but 2016’s highest paid celebrity in the world.

Her earnings this year? A cool $170 million. We know.

It was her 1989 tour that made the most moolah (a quarter of a billion dollars, to be precise) while her contracts with Keds, Coke and Apple totted up the rest.

As for others on the list, Adele stands at $80.5 mil, Rihanna at $75 mil and Tay Tay’s ex Calvin Klein at $63 mil.

We. Are. Speechless.


5/11/15: We’re not sure Taylor Swift will be too happy with Katy Perry’s latest piece of good news.

The 31-year-old has beaten T-Swizzle to become this year’s highest-earning woman in music, according to Forbes.

She’s raked in an estimated $135m (£88m) in the past 12 months, compared to Taylor’s $80m. Which is pretty damn impressive, really.

> Katy Perry is one successful lady


Forbes created the list by measuring stars’ estimated pre-tax incomes from June 2014 to June 2015. This included earnings from albums, tours, endorsements and other commercial deals.

Katy’s (huge) earnings were helped by her worldwide tour Prismatic. Not only that, but her latest album Prism has sold four million copies worldwide since its release in 2013.

Taylor’s record 1989 has actually been more popular, racking up 8.6 million in global sales. Her world tour of the same name has also been a major success.

> Taylor Swift still earns a pretty amazing amount


But Katy’s boosted her value by taking on advertising deals with beauty firms such as CoverGirl.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t get that long-running feud going again…  

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> It’s no secret that Taylor Swift’s fallen out with Katy Perry


So who else made the list?

Interestingly, Fleetwood Mac are in third place with $59.5m.

This is despite the fact that only 2/5 of their current members are women and Christine McVie was absent for 15 years before rejoining the band last year.

> Lady Gaga is in fourth place


Lady Gaga is fourth with $59m, while Beyonce Knowles has dropped from last year’s top spot to fifth with $54.5m.

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Considering Gaga peaked with $90m in 2011 (more than Tay-Tay’s managed this year), that’s a slightly unfortunate drop. Boo.

Finishing off the top 10 are Britney Spears ($31m), Jennifer Lopez ($28.5m), Miranda Lambert ($28.5m), Mariah Carey ($27m) and Rihanna ($26m).

> Beyonce Knowles has slipped down from the #1 spot


*Sighs*. The things we could buy with all that dosh…