Guess What? Katy Perry Doesn’t Care What You Think About Her

The superstar admits there are only a few people she will listen to…

Katy Perry admits that she has finally reached a stage in her life where she is no longer weighed down with worry over what others think about her.

In a new interview, the 32-year-old told PEOPLE: ‘I’ve given up on what people think about me.’

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She added: ‘I have a great group of people around me that I listen to and value their opinions.’

That’s especially true when it comes to social media, as Katy admits she doesn’t even give trolls the satisfaction of reading their messages.

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‘I gave up on scrolling down on the comments,’ Katy, who has 95.7 million followers on Twitter and 60.2 million on Instagram, said.

But it’s not just social media where the Chained To The Rhythm singer ignores the haters – she also does it with her fashion choices.

‘Fashion is a way to express yourself. We can say we’re funny or romantic or serious or sarcastic just by how we display ourselves,’ she told the magazine while promoting her new shoe line.

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‘When I first got to L.A., I cultivated my style on a budget, always shopping at thrift stores or vintage stores,’ she said.

‘Once, I found these flats that looked like Dalmatian dogs. They had ears that moved and a tongue that stuck out. They were such a conversation piece…’

Katy Perry Performing At The Victoria’s Secret Catwalk, 2010


‘That’s what is so great about fashion,’ she added. ‘It’s a form of communication. You don’t have to start a smoking habit to start talking to someone. You can just wear cool shoes. It’s an icebreaker.’

We LOVE what you wear, Katy.

By Jenni McKnight