Katy Perry Addresses Those Orlando Bloom Rumours

Okay, mark us down as officially confused.

What is GOING on in the supposed Katy-Orlando-Selena love triangle?

Let us give you a quick refresh.

Katy and Orlando have reportedly been dating for a while now, and they both showed up wearing Tamagotchis to the Met Gala. Cute.

But this week, after some cuddly pictures reportedly surfaced on the ‘net, many linked Orlando to pop starlet Selena Gomez.

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Katy soon got fans all in a tizzy by posting a cryptic tweet, sharing a song about a disappointing relationship. Was this a dig about Orlando?! Hmm.

Well, if the latest tweets are anything to go by, we’d say no.

Miss Perry has now showed support for Orlando, tweeting about his work for charity, as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, saying how COOL it is. Yup, we’d have to agree with you there, KP.

Katy also referenced a ‘dumb conspiracy’, which we can only assume is about the love triangle rumours that have been swirling the Internet this week.



In another plot twist, Selena then retweeted Katy’s message, praising the star with emojis.

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We’re all for #sisterhood, and we’re so pleased to see that there’s no hard feelings between these lovely ladies.

But we’re still a little confused by the whole thing.


By Megan Wiseman