Katie Waissel Has Spoken Out About *That* Cheryl Feud On CBB

The former X Factor star has been talking about her old mentor, Cheryl (again)...

When we heard that Katie Waissel was going to be heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house, we knew it was only going to be a matter of time before her X Factor past came up.

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And, sure enough, the former contestant has not only touched on her experience of the ITV talent competition, but she’s also brought up that famous feud between herself and her former mentor, Cheryl.

Cheryl X Factor 2010

Now, if you’re a seasoned X Factor fan (guilty), you’ll know that Katie took part in the show back in 2010, and she was looked after by Cheryl as part of the girls’ group.

It’s no secret that Katie had a pretty tough time on the show, with the audience not really warming to her quirkiness. We know, not cool.

But, after the show came to an end, Katie seemed to lay some of the blame at her former mentor’s door, not shying away from saying some pretty hurtful things about our Chezza.

Equally not cool.

Despite insisting at the start of CBB that she didn’t want to talk about her X Factor past, it came up in a conversation with CBB housemates Marnie Simpson and Saira Khan.

She explained, ‘She wrote in her autobiography that the only reason she put me through was because I’d make good TV and Simon made her.’

Katie told her housemates that she thought Cheryl’s words were ‘really unnecessary and really mean’, and Marnie agreed, saying, ‘That’s not nice, man. There’s some things that you should just keep to yourself and that’s one of them.’


Cheryl wrote in her autobiography, ‘Simon Cowell had spent the past two years drumming into me that we needed acts who would be “good TV.”

‘When I saw Katie perform this time, I had to admit that she was certainly that. She was quirky, intriguing and busting to succeed.

‘In short, she had the character and drive it took to withstand the pressure of the show, and so I put her through, even though she messed up when she sang in front of Will.i.Am.’

We wonder if Cheryl is watching Celebrity Big Brother…