In Defence Of Love Island Katie’s Bold Eyebrows

We’re absolutely loving what we’ve seen of Love Island’s Katie Salmon so far.

On their date, Sophie Gradon described her as an ‘angel’ that’s been dropped onto the island at the exact right time, and we have to say, we totally agree.

We mean, it’s always good to add some more strong, sassy female energy to a place, right? Right.

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But it seems that there’s one thing about Katie that’s been grabbing the viewer’s attention over on social media. And we’re here to take a stand – because it’s not fair.



There’s no denying that Katie has a fierce look. We’re still not over that camo/caged heels combo that she strutted into the villa in. So much sass.

But impressive make-up skills – oh, the highlight – and slicked back hair aside, the folks over on Twitter seemed to be fixated on her eyebrows.

Some announced that they were ‘personally offended’ by Katie’s eyebrows, whilst others joked that she must have drawn them on with a ‘Sharpie’. Ouch.


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Sure, they’re a distinctive feature. But some of the comments are just plain mean.

It’s 2016, and a girl should be able to rock any ‘brow shape that she wants.



In fact, Katie herself LOVES a bold ‘brow. She took to Twitter a few weeks back to caption a selfie: ‘Thick brows are my life #selfie #thickbrows #caplife #snapchat’.

So there you have it. 

Now let’s all stop the hating, eh?