Katie Price’s Picture Of Princess Sparks ‘Airbrush’ Debate

Katie Price always seems to be criticised for something, particularly where her children are concerned.

Her eagle-eyed army of social media followers have a habit of calling pictures of her daughter into question, and a new series of snaps has sparked a fresh parenting debate.

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The former glamour model shared a few new selfies with her daughter Princess, and it didn’t take long for some of her followers to comment.


Many seemed to believe that KP had used an ‘airbrushing’ app on her 8-year-old daughter’s skin, with one writing, ‘Why would you airbrush a little girl’s face?’

Another chimed in: ‘I use filters, but not airbrushing the skin of children they don’t need it.’

Others were quick to question whether Katie’s daughter was, in fact, wearing make-up, but one was convinced, ‘It’s not makeup …. She blurs the skin in every photo’.

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Of course, there’s no word on whether Katie DID actually use an airbrushing tool.

But, in a world where social media is so much a part of our everyday life, it opens up an interesting debate surrounding the use of filters and editing apps, particularly when young children are being exposed to technology earlier and earlier.

Sure, we all played around with make-up in our tweens, but Instagram and editing apps just didn’t exist back then (yup, we’re feeling our age now…)

One worried fan said, ‘How pretty is princess bless only hope an pray she stays as natural as long as poss kp hope u teach her that’ [sic].

We have no doubt that Katie works hard to build up her daughter’s self confidence, without the need to ‘edit’ pictures. 

And what a beautiful (and adorable) little girl she is too.