Celebrities Come Under Fire For Their Decisions As Parents

There’s no manual or rule book for being a parent. But that doesn’t stop people from having an opinion, particularly where celebrities are concerned. 

Model and mum-of-five Katie Price found herself in the firing line towards the end of last year, after posting pictures of her 8-year-old daughter Princess with a full face of make-up. 


Not too soon after she shared the family photos with her Instagram fans, Katie was inundated with criticism for making her daughter look older than her years. 

After the backlash had died down a little, the famous mum spoke to The Sun about the situation. 

Price explained, ‘I do not have to explain anything anything to anyone. Princess has joined a modelling agency so she has a lot of castings. Anything like a panto or acting she would love.’


When asked directly about the criticism, the feisty model hit back, ‘Am I bothered? No. She loves make-up and if so good at it. We are in a theatre and there is make-up everywhere. When she is here, of course she can experiment.’

But today, she’s found herself at the centre of something similar, having shared a photograph of her daughter’s natural curls straightened out into a glossy ‘do. 


Once again, a debate has been sparked surrounding whether Katie should be altering her daughter’s looks at such a young age.

One user wrote, ‘Let the girl grow up being a child not a model’.

But another defended her: ‘There is no harm letting princess wear a bit of make up and straightening her hair, it’s what girls dream off and she’s lucky to have a beautiful mum to look up to…’


Kim Kardashian has also found herself being criticised for the decisions she’s made with her daughter, North West. 

After Kim and Kanye unveiled their daughter’s diamond studs, many took to Twitter to argue about whether she was too young to have her ears pierced. One tweeted, ‘Shes only a yr old! I think it should be the childs choice NOT the parents!! #SorryNotSorry’.


But another read, ‘So people are making a big deal cause North West has her ears pierced? I got mine when I was like 3 months. Not that serious’.

What do you think?