Did Katie Price Mock Son Harvey In Drunken Karaoke Rant?

Katie Price was allegedly caught on camera making a comment about her son Harvey while on a night out in Magaluf

We’ve all done something a bit silly when drunk, but fans think Katie Price might have taken things a bit too far with her latest antics.

On a recent holiday to Majorca, she appeared to mock her disabled son Harvey whilst doing karaoke. Which sounds seriously out of character if you ask us.

But her comments were reportedly caught on camera by someone in the bar, and the footage was obtained by The Mirror. As she waits for the music to start, Katie appears to say: “I’m not blind like my son.” Hmm.

She was also filmed singing A Whole New World – which she released as a duet with then-husband Peter Andre in 2006 – at McTavishes bar in Santa Ponsa, Magaluf, where the crowd can be heard laughing at cheering in the background.

Onlookers also told The Sun that Katie, 38, was drunk and swearing. She allegedly ranted at the crowd, saying “F*** you motherf***er. Goodnight, I love you all. F*** you more like it, you c***.”


Predictably, her behaviour hasn’t gone down well on Twitter. She’s been vocal about trolls targeting Harvey, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome and autism, before, but one user suggested she was “no better”.

Days earlier, Katie shared a sweet picture on her Instagram of Harvey, 14, and his new girlfriend. “How gorgeous is this picture Harvey and his girlfriend today,” she wrote.

How gorgeous is this picture Harvey and his girlfriend today ?

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She’s also spoken out recently about the “sick” trolls that write abusive posts about Harvey online.

“I hate trolls anyway, but when it comes to Harvey, if I don’t stick up for him, who will?” she said in an interview with the BBC.

“I don’t care what anybody says to me. I’ve been called everything, so I’m quite tolerant to it. But to Harvey, it’s sick.”

Katie, who’s not known for being quiet on social media, hasn’t mentioned this latest drama, but she has posted a motivational post on Instagram, suggesting she’s doing her best to try and forget about the whole thing. Can’t say we blame her…


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