Why People Are Still Talking About Loose Women

Everyone is still talking about Loose Women.

In case you missed it, panelist Katie Price brought her son Harvey along for yesterday’s show, and the topic of discussion was online abuse and Twitter trolling.

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During the segment, Katie and Harvey drew attention to their family’s experience of internet abuse, shedding light on just how unacceptable it is.

This is an issue that Katie feels very strongly about, and it’s not the first time that she’s called out her haters on live television.

Some viewers criticised the model for putting her son on the show, but she explained, ‘I’ve come to the show obviously about the trolling, a few months ago I came on because the most disgusting things were said about Harvey, some of which I wouldn’t be able to say on air.

‘It was important to bring Harvey on air because people can see what he’s like, how vulnerable he is.’



Harvey, who is 13-years-old, suffers from a rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS).

The show took an unexpected turn when he used the C-word to describe what he thought of bullies, after Katie had pressed him for his opinion.

The mum-of-five asked her eldest son, ‘If someone says something horrible to Harvey, what does Harvey say?’

He replied, ‘Hello you c***.’


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Obviously, the ITV chat show is live and broadcast in the middle of the day, so this probably wasn’t the best thing that could have happened.

Having said that, viewers flocked to social media in support for Harvey. After all, who doesn’t have a right to stand up to their bullies?

Comments read, ‘Love what Harvey Price said on TV! People that bully disabled people or anyone for that matter are disgusting human beings’ and ‘Fair play to Harvey Price dropping the C bomb on loose women to the internet trolls, go for it lad’.

Another wrote, ‘Watching Loose Women and the fact trolls bully Harvey Price makes me feel sick. Who are these people. Heartless and should be so ashamed.’