Kate Wright Forced To Defend Herself Against Body-Shamers… Again

Kate has spoken out on Instagram...

To be quite frank, it seems completely ridiculous that ANYONE should be forced to publicly defend their own body due to trolling and body-shamers, let alone Kate Wright who – let’s be honest – has a figure to die for.

But sadly, the former The Only Way Is Essex star has taken to Instagram (again) to set the story straight.

Whist in Dubai with her new beau Rio Ferdinand, the blonde beauty shared a video with the caption: ‘I’ll remember I have to stand up 24/7 or I’ll be body shamed 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ #passmeanothercocktail [sic]’

The video saw Kate sat hunched over in a chair on the porch of her holiday villa, Kate pointed to the rolls on her stomach whilst she explained: ‘Right guys, I was caught like this the other day, it happens to the best of us.’

Then putting her hands on her hips and standing up, she went on: ‘But, when I stand up, I’m back to normal.’

Kate then continued to walk away whilst covering her bum, saying: ‘Oop, mind the bad bits!’

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It’s not even the first time Kate has been forced to speak out to trolls, after they have previously accused her of photoshopping her figure in snaps.

In the video, she showed off her figure insisting: ‘This is real’ before calling in her friend for assistance, who squeezed Kate’s tiny waist and said ‘no Photoshop’.

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Alongside the video she wrote: ‘Thanks for all the hate over my weight today the photos that are out this morning I look twice the size of me but I have no clue how or why, maybe the sneaky paps can answer that one!’

She added: ‘Here I am ….. no filter, no photoshop, no make up… just me. Please stop with that hate I’m a normal person! & please remember … it’s nice to be nice.’

You tell ’em, Kate!