Kate Moss’ Retro Red Hair Revealed On Instagram

Kate Moss‘ tousled blonde tresses are no doubt her crowning glory, but the super’s wavy locks haven’t always been the glossy mane we envy so much – they once had a rather rusty makeover!

Remember when you were 15 and you tried to bleach your hair at home with a DIY kit from Boots? Yep, turns out Miss Moss jumped on that bandwagon too as a sneaky snap of Kate rocking an orange ‘do was posted by FashionOffish on Instagram.

Captioned “Carrot top Kate”, followers responded with comments about her flame locks, likening them to designer Vivienne Westwood‘s famous red hair.

Unsurprisingly, the leggy Brit still looked stunning though, working her bare-faced beauty in the retro photo that had us remembering our teenage hairdos with a rather large shudder.

We’re glad the fashion icon settled on a sunkissed hue for the rest of her career but we’re thankful for the flashback, it’s nice to know it wasn’t just us…

If Kate’s old school barnet has got you inspired to hit the hair-dye-bottle this autumn, check out Red Hair: 30 Flame-Haired Celebrity ‘Dos To Try.

By Claire Blackmore

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