Kate Moss EXCLUSIVE: See Her First Ever Photoshoot

Kate Moss looks up at the camera with a flawless complexion, a hypnotising stare, and the perfect pout that made her a supermodel in these exclusive never-before-seen snaps by David Ross, taken in 1988. 

The photographer has shared the images with us as he prepares to put them on auction in Bloomsbury tomorrow, 17 May. The fresh-faced pictures of a young Kate have never been published, and David says even her agency have yet to see them. Aren’t we a lucky bunch? 

Kate was just 14 years old when the pictures were taken as test shots to kickstart her career on the catwalk. She landed on David’s doorstop fresh from Croydon during her half term break. 

He says: “When I met Kate and photographed her all those years ago, there was a unique sparkle to her which was bound to evolve into something special, although I had no idea how much at the time. I was very young myself and I just wanted to do my best for Sarah (Doukas), her agent. 

“Today, these pictures are very special as they portray her at the absolute threshold of her life changing forever. They mark unique moments in time and history and recently I printed them for the first time to auction at Bloomsburys in London so they have become rare collector’s items.” 

Who knew this little Londoner would be one of the most famous women in the world? 

David Ross’ Kate Moss portraits will be up for auction at Bloomsbury Auctions in London tomorrow, 17 May, 2013. For more on Kate, check out next week’s issue of LOOK.

By Rebecca Martin, 16th May 2013

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