Kate Middleton’s Secret Shopping Tactic Revealed

Kate Middleton has enough royal riches to kit out both her Kensington Palace apartment and reported country abode with the finest of furniture, but that doesn’t stop the new mum hunting for a bargain.

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted haggling down the price of antiques for one of her plush pads on a shopping spree in Norfolk. 

“Kate came in when quite pregnant. Such thin legs in her wellies,” revealed the shop’s owner Caroline Combe to Tatler, who bartered with the 31-year-old during her trip to the country with Prince William before baby George was born.

“She was looking at various things and asked for a discount.” 

Kate’s shown a fondnest for frugle shopping before, recycyling her trusty LK Bennett shoes and re-wearing high street oufits passed down by her mum, and it seems she’s stretched her sensible spending to homewear whilst out buying goodies for one of her new family homes.

But Wills wasn’t as keen as his wife when it came to Del Boy trading tactics.

“If I may say so, William looked like every man who’s forced to go shopping with his wife, which is bored bloody stiff and didn’t get out of the car,” chuckled Caroline’s husband Roger. 

That’s alright boys, you leave the shopping to us (just make sure you lend us your credit card, eh?)

By Claire Blackmore

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