Kate Middleton’s Royal Birth Update: Read It Here

Kate Middleton‘s ‘royal baby due date’ came and went, as the whole world waitied on tenterhooks for news of the birth to break (we can’t lie, we were checking Twitter every 5 minutes).

But just as we were holding our breath pretty much all weekend for news of Kate and Wills’ royal bundle of joy, the parents-to-be were sitting back, relaxing and indulging in some leisurely pastimes. Calm Kate escaped to her parents’ house in Berkshire to soak up the sun, while hubby Prince William trotted off to play a game of polo in Kent with brother Harry. And although us Windsor-Watchers had the champagne on ice and sweepstakes all set up, the cool pair’s time out quashed rumours that the royal tot was expected to be born on Saturday.

We wonder if Kate’s mum fuelled her with a hot and spicy Ruby Murray in an attempt to kick-start her labour? Or joined her in a spot of pregnancy yoga? Either way, the Middleton household was a good place to be as it was recently revealed that The Duchess Of Cambridge‘s mum Carole is a trained midwife. And with sister Pippa and father Michael at the ready, as well as the entire palace, this royal birth is sure to be family affair.

Now it’s just a case of waiting for that all important date! We’ll be keeping our eyes firmly on the doors of St. Mary‘s Hospital so we don’t miss the special moment.

By Claire Blackmore

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