Kate Middleton’s Post Royal Baby Party Plans!

Kate Middleton and her hometown of Bucklebury are gearing up for a right royal post-baby bash to celebrate Kate and husband Prince William‘s new arrival, which is due any day now!

The celebrations are set to take place in the Duchess of Cambridge’s local parish of Bucklebury, where Kate’s friends, family and neighbours will gather to cheers the arrival of the much-awaited royal bundle.

Local pub owner John Haley, who threw a huge bash for the town back in 2011 after Kate and Will’s royal wedding, reveals the close-knit town’s plans to do the same to welcome the newest Middleton member into the fold.

“[The party] will be massive”, the owner of The Boot Inn told Celebuzz. “After the wedding we had 350 people here for a party, and it’ll be much the same [for the birth]. I actually asked Kate if she could please tell me the date so we could plan the party. She said, ‘John I really would but I have no idea what day it is.’ It’s very difficult to plan because we don’t know the arrival so we’re waiting.”

“Kate always comes in and orders something special”, John added. “I asked her if we could reveal and serve her favourite dish and she said she wouldn’t mind. We have a bottle or two in the fridge ready to be popped when the baby is here – to wet the baby’s head and the parents and bless the baby. We are ready to party once we get that call.”

We’re with you, John. LOOK‘s already got the champers on ice!

By Robyn Munson

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