Kate Middleton’s Pal: She Liked ‘Harry’ Not Prince William!

Kate Middleton wasn’t always interested in Prince William, her friend from university has confessed!

The friend, who studied with Kate in Florence during their degree, says that the current Duchess of Cambridge was more interested in someone else at the time, and wasn’t bothered when she heard William would join them!

While talking to OK! magazine, the friend said: “The only time I even remember talking about William was when we found out he was coming to study in Florence, we would speculate about hanging out with him, but to be honest she never showed any interest in him or talked about him that much. She certainly wasn’t going to St Andrews with the intention to snare him or anything like that. In fact she was more hung up on a guy called Harry, but things didn’t work out.”

Harry! What a coincidence‚Ķ Still, judging by their adorable PDAs during the Olympics, she’s completely smitten now! BS