Kate Middleton’s Halloween Childhood Memories Revealed

Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa Middleton used to turn off all the lights at Halloween to try and frighten each other, Pippa has revealed.

The Duchess Of Cambridge’s little sister has been sharing her spooky tales and childhood memories in her debut book ‘Celebrate’.

She writes: “As a child, I felt that Halloween was a time when creatures of the night suddenly came to life- we would turn off all the lights in the house and let flickering candlelight conjure up scary shadows and imaginary figures lurking in dark corners.” 

This sounds like fun. We wonder if Kate will do this on Wednesday to try and spook Wills

Pippa adds: “It was also a time for sugary treats – we feasted on creepy edible morsels, Halloween themed chocolates and spookily named concoctions, which often looked better than they tasted.” 

Sounds yum! Pippa’s book contains all sorts of tips and tricks on planning the perfect party. She says: “I frequently celebrate Halloween over a supper with friends. It’s a wonderful excuse to let your imagination run riot with gory-looking food and special effects.” 

That’s our Halloween sorted, then. Thanks, Pippa! RM