Kate Middleton’s Dress Mix-Up Upsets Solomon Islands

Kate Middleton got herself into a spot of bother in the Solomon islands – all because of a dress. It’s come to light that the pink floral dress and blue shirt that Kate and Wills wore to the Solomon Islands party on the Diamond Jubilee Tour were wrong – and represented another island – the Cook Island.

The clothes were laid out for the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge by a member of the Solomon Islands Welcoming Committee. A spokesperson for Clarence House has said: “We saw they weren’t the same design of the traditional clothes we were told would be gifted. So we checked with the Solomon Islands government to ensure the right ones were worn. We were reassured the clothes were correct, and so the Duke and Duchess wore them to the event.

“It was not learned until later in the evening that the clothes weren’t from the islands. But it was understood that the Duke and Duchess intended to wear traditional Solomon Island clothes and this was appreciated. No offence was caused.” Phew!

An official from Government House of the Solomon Islands said: “We are incredibly frustrated that this situation has come about and see Kethie (the member of the Welcoming Committee) as entirely to blame. It was completely inappropriate for her to go to Their Royal Highnesses’ room, which she filled with various things, causing confusion.”

Meanwhile, Kate’s spokesman added: “She still has both dresses, they were a gift, and she also has lovely memories of her wonderful time in the Solomon Islands.”

Whoopsie… RM