Kate Middleton’s Baby Arrival To Be Announced On Twitter

Kate Middleton‘s royal baby news will be announced just like any other A-list celebrity’s, via Twitter, according to new reports. 

It’s thought that St James’ Palace will release details of the birth on the official Clarence House Twitter feed, just like in November 2010 when news of Kate and Prince William‘s engagement was announced. 

A full statement will also appear on Prince William’s official website, sources tell Now magazine. 

Normally when a royal baby is born, a notice is placed outside Buckingham Palace announcing the happy news, but this time, news will travel a little faster. We’re expecting the royal baby name to trend within moments on Twitter when he/she enters the world on their suspected due date, 13 July. 

A notice will still be posted on the Palace gates, say sources. But in the meantime, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on social media. 

How long do we think it’ll be before the royal baby has its own Twitter account? 

By Rebecca Martin, 20th May 2013

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