Kate Middleton’s Antique Bargain Hunt: All The Details

Kate Middleton has proved herself as a bit of a bargain hunter. Now, there’s a girl after our own heart!  

Don’t get too excited though – the Duchess Of Cambridge hasn’t been rummaging through the rails at Primark – she’s just been haggling away at an antiques fair.

Kate visited a fair at a showground in Wales near to her and William’s home recently, and managed to get the stall owner to reduce the price of a pair of antique vases down from £180 to £160.

Go, thrifty Kate!

Nick Bayliss, who owns the fair company, even got to chat to the Duchess. He said: “We had sent out complimentary tickets to Prince William and the duchess for our May fair and again in October.

“To my absolute delight in she comes with her party on the Sunday morning and had her hand stamped with the green dragon by my daughter, who didn’t recognise her.”

Amazing. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for K-Midd at our next boot fair! RM