Kate Middleton’s Accent More “Royal” Than Prince William’s

Kate Middleton‘s accent is more in line with the traditional sound of the monarchy than Prince William‘s, it’s been revealed!

The Queen, Prince Charles and the royal family before them have all spoken in clipped, posh tones of “received pronunciation”. Prince William and Harry are among those who speak in a much more relaxed style than their older relatives.

However, Kate‘s accent has been named more refined than that of Wills, in a new study by linguists at the British Library. Curator Jonnie Robinson told the Daily Telegraph:

“The Duchess of Cambridge is arguably posher than her husband and his brother. William and Harry are more modern in their interests. They are quite clearly still RP, but not particularly posh RP.

Kate has focused on her voice. She always strikes me as more careful. They are both clearly RP but given that he is a royal and she isn’t, you would expect him to be posher, but I’m not sure he is.”

Best get brushing up on your received pronunciation, Wills! Kate‘s the clear winner here… BS