Kate Middleton Working On Valentine’s Day Dinner With TV Chef

Kate Middleton might be pregnant and recovering from a severe case of morning sickness, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not preparing for a very special Valentine’s Day.

The Duchess of Cambridge is about to start working on a menu for a Valentine’s Day dinner for Prince Charles. Nope, we didn’t get the wrong Prince! Kate is helping TV chef Lorraine Pascale to design a special menu for the Prince’s Trust Ball next month. 

While it’s unclear whether Kate will actually attend the event, or be able to stomach what’s on the menu, she’s helping Lorraine to pick the best possible dishes for the Prince Of Wales’ big bash.

Lorraine told The Telegraph: ” “Prince Charles is coming and I’ve been designing petit fours and the main dish. 

“I will be doing a tasting with Kate, which is very exciting. I’m sure with her help we’ll be developing some beautiful dishes.” 

YUM. If you need a helping hand/mouth, ladies… RM