Kate Middleton ‘Won’t Go On Tour Until 2014’

Kate Middleton may not go on another royal tour until 2014, say palace sources.

According to reports, the Duchess Of Cambridge will be lying low after the birth of the royal baby in June, and it is unlikely she will tour abroad as she did last September, across South East Asia.

Kate is expected to take a period of maternity leave and stay in the country.

A source told The Daily Telegraph: “The Duchess will give birth at some point in 2013 and it would be unusual for her to travel in the couple of months after that.

“No overseas tour has yet been planned for next year, and obviously the arrival of the baby will have an effect on the Duchess’s diary. If you take Princess Diana as an example, she took Prince William with her when she and the Prince of Wales went abroad a few months afterwards, so that would be one possibility.”

Watch this space. We’re around for babysitting duties if you need us, guys… RM