Kate Middleton Topless Pictures: Kelly Osbourne Defends Her

Kate Middleton topless pictures are still the topic that everyone’s talking about, after a French magazine published images of the Duchess Of Cambridge sunbathing with Prince William.

Kelly Osbourne has defended Kate today on ITV1’s Lorraine, after an Italian magazine said they’d publish 50 more unseen images, and are choosing from around 200 photos.

Kelly said: “I think what they’ve done to her is disgusting, I really, really do. Everyone has the right to privacy no matter who you are, no matter who you are – it’s disgusting. The thing I don’t get is if she had a tan line they would rinse her for it, they would rinse her for it so she can’t win either way, so I just think it’s really awful. The one thing that is hers is her body, you know what I’m saying. Everything else belongs to the country.”

The images were also reproduced in the Irish Daily Star, and co-owner Richard Desmond was “angry” about the decision, and said he’d take steps to “close down the joint venture”.

Lawyers representing Kate and William will appear in a Paris court later today. Stay tuned for the latest… BS