Kate Middleton Topless Pictures Boosting Tourism?!

Kate Middleton‘s topless picture scandal this summer has reportedly heightened tourist interest in the home where she was holidaying with Prince William.

The Chateau d’Autet 19th Century hunting lodge in the south of France is owned by Princess Margaret’s son David Linley, but he’s reportedly not capitalising on the huge new interest in the home where those pics were snapped.

David is staying loyal to the Royal family, and ignoring the reported offers from wealthy tourists wanting to stay there, a source told Showbiz Spy:

“Linley has had mad offers coming in. Kate and William value him as a cousin and a friend and his refusals to capitalise on the publicity have been noted by the Royal Household. His currency is his silence.”

It looks like David will stay on Kate and Wills‘ Xmas card list this year, thanks to his family loyalty… BS