Kate Middleton To Have Romantic Second Honeymoon?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are set for a second honeymoon during their tour of Asia next month… well, a night at least!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend a night on a private island called Tavanipupu, 18 months after their Seychelles honeymoon.

Kate and Wills will stay at the five star Tavanipupu Private Island Resort on the 37 acre island. When the Queen last visited, she was carried ashore from the canoe by Prince Philip – we want to see Wills and Kate recreate that…

They’ll be representing the Queen during her Jubilee celebrations in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Borneo, the Solomon Islands and the South Pacific realm of Tuvalu.

Aides confirmed to the Daily Mail, that the’ll do some snorkelling before heading to bed early for their trip to Tuvalu early the next morning. Let’s hope they get a bit of private time! BS