Kate Middleton: The REAL Cost Of Her Wardrobe And Her Make-Up Bag

Kate Middleton never fails to look immaculate – but how much does it really cost for the Duchess Of Cambridge to look so groomed on a daily basis?

A study by Australian Vogue has revealed how much we would have to spend to look like Kate Middleton – and we’d better start saving – because her wardrobe, beauty regime and overall lifestyle costs a whopping £102,379. Yikes!

The huge bill includes clothes, facials, make-up, beauty products and a personal trainer. We already know that her hair is styled and cut by Richard Ward, but we didn’t know how much her yearly bill comes to. Her blow dries and treatments apparently cost a huge £8.645 a year, while her additional colour appointments cost £2,000 a year.

The magazine also calculated that if we wanted a glow like Kate’s, we’d need around £7,984 worth of spray tans a year, while her perfume – Illuminium’s Gardenia Petals – costs around £100 a bottle. And we bet she gets through a lot of that, what with all those parties and public appearances.

Meanwhile, her high street wardrobe would set us back £35,000 a year. Over £100k for a life like Kate’s? Where’s a Prince when we need one? RM