Kate Middleton Tells Jessie J She Loves The Voice

Kate Middleton and Prince William spend their Saturday nights cosied up on the sofa watching The Voice and The X Factor.

At least, that’s what it sounds like…

Jessie J met the Duchess Of Cambridge at a Diamond Jubilee party in the summer, and Kate told her that she loves watching the BBC show The Voice, which Jessie works as a judge on. 

Jessie told Elle magazine: “She was just saying how amazing The Voice was and how much they liked it and how she had gone to school with Bo (one of the contestants).” 

How amazing is that?!

In our heads, the royal couple sit watching it in matching Union Jack onesies, but we doubt that’s the reality.

Kate and Wills told Gary Barlow last year that they were also “big fans” of The X Factor

We wonder what they made of Kye’s exit last night. Room for one more of the sofa, guys? RM