Kate Middleton Set To Visit Scottish Shores

Kate Middleton and her bump are getting ready to grace Scottish soils next month for an official Royal engagement. Och Aye!

The Duchess of Cambridge will be tagging along with Prince Charles marking her first trip off English soil since she announced her pregnancy back in December. On the Scottish leg of her Royal duties she’ll be meeting children from Youth United where “each unit will demonstrate skills and compete in an obstacle race” as well as attending engagements in Glasgow and England on the same day. Phew!

Kate Middleton might have been struggling with some pretty epic morning sickness, but her rest period is up and her schedule isn’t set to slow down any time soon. As she nears the sixth month of her pregnancy Kate has little time to lounge on the sofa eating ice cream if her four royal engagements this week are anything to go by. Let’s just hope Wills is rubbing her feet! LH

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