Kate Middleton Sends AMAZING Baby Gift To Reese Witherspoon?

Kate Middleton has sent Reese Witherspoon the cutest gift following the birth of her new baby, Tennessee James, according to reports.

Gossip website Showbizspy claims that the Duchess Of Cambridge sent the actress a Union Jack onesie when she welcomed her new son into the world.

What, no gold rattle or baby crown jewels?!

Kate first met Reese when she visited Los Angeles with Prince William in July last year. The website says that the Duchess and Duke were among the first to send a “handwritten note and gift”. How sweet!

Perhaps the Union Jack onesie was one of Kate’s own designs, since it’s been revealed that she sees herself as a bit of a fashion designer.

The yellow broderie anglaise dress the Duchess wore on her recent South East Asia tour was based on her own ideas she presented to the Queen’s tailors.

A source said: “This dress was a piece commissioned by Kate. She likes to have a few pieces that are one-offs and that she has had some input in, so she asked the queen’s tailors for some help. They worked on it together after she went to them with ideas of color, fabric and style.”

Watch out, VB! RM