Kate Middleton: Security Warnings Over New Baby Plans

It was the biggest indication yet that Kate Middleton is going to be a thoroughly modern Royal mum.

But now her rumoured plans to spend six weeks at her parents’ home in Berkshire after the birth of her baby next month have been slammed as having huge security implications.

Princess Diana’s ex bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, has spoken out, saying: “The cost implications of this operation for just a week would run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, beyond that stay into by Kate into week, would surely hit millions of taxpayers money.’”

Kate and William will be breaking royal tradition if they don’t have the future monarch raised in a royal residence as soon as it is born.

After giving birth at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, which is where Princess Diana welcomed both Prince William and Prince Harry, Kate may be heading to Michael and Carole Middleton’s £4.85m Georgian manor.

One reason for this is because their home at Kensington Palace, the 57-room Apartment 1A, is undergoing extensive renovation after asbestos was reportedly found and won’t be ready in time for the baby’s arrival.

Kate is also said to be happy having Carole, who has had three children, on hand to help her with the baby in the daunting first few weeks of new motherhood.

But former Royal protection officer Wharfe believes Kate and Wills’ baby should stay at one of the Queen’s residences – Windsor, Sandringham or Balmoral – because they are all overseen by Scotland Yard’s Royalty And Diplomatic Protection Department.

It’s as yet unconfirmed where Kate and Wills – who has two weeks paternity leave from the RAF planned – will stay when their little one arrives.

By Gemma Calvert

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