Not Everyone Is Happy With Kate Middleton’s Photography Accolade

The Duchess of Cambridge has received a lifetime honorary membership of the Royal Photographic Society, and it's divided opinion among members...

We all know that Kate Middleton is a keen photographer, and now her talents behind the camera have been recognised.

The 33-year-old has been given a lifetime honorary membership of the Royal Photographic Society, in celebration of her ‘talent and enthusiasm’.

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Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton is known for her heart-warming family photos

In the past, Kate’s turned down well-known photographers in order to snap her children George and Charlotte herself.

And we’ve gotta admit, she’s pretty talented.

Dr Michael Pritchard – chief executive of the RPS – says: ‘The Duchess of Cambridge has had a long-standing interest in photography and its history.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton took this snap of Prince George and Princess Charlotte

‘She is latest in a long line of royal photographers and the society is pleased to recognise her talent and enthusiasm through honorary membership.

‘We look forward to a continuing relationship with her.’

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Princess Charlotte

Kate is said to be ‘very pleased’ with the accolade, but unfortunately, some have a few issues with it.

When the RPS posted the news to their Facebook page, comments included: ‘Ordinary people have to pay to be RPS members. Royalty get it free. Hmmmm,’ and: ‘It will just be a matter of time before the eldest Beckham is awarded the same. As always… a famous name or family gets you far!’

However, others have a more positive view.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton often shuns well-known photographers to take her own family photos

One wrote: ‘Such a High Profile member can only be good publicity for our Society,’ while another said: ‘This is excellent news and further validation of the importance of photography in our world [sic].’

Well, we think Kate’s images of Kate and George are lovely, and she’s clearly very passionate about her craft.

Let’s hope her new honour encourages her to take some more photos of her adorable family!