Kate Middleton Royal Baby To Be Born In Berkshire?

Kate Middleton has had a swarm of paparazzi camped outside of St Mary’s hospital in London for weeks, but they could be watching the wrong hospital doors entirely as new reports claim that the Duchess of Cambridge could be giving birth in Berkshire!

The 31-year-old mum-to-be is currently resting up at her parents’ house in Bucklebury after relocating back home from her and husband Prince William‘s London abode of Nottingham Cottage.

But with Kate’s due date having been and gone, and St Mary’s (her predicted birthing hospital of choice) a good 53 miles away, it could be that the pregnant Duchess will be welcoming her royal baby at the nearby Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading if she goes into labour anytime soon.

A palace source told the Telegraph: “There are contingencies in place for wherever the Duchess happens to be, and one of them is the Royal Berkshire. It is still a possibility that she could give birth there, though that would only be in extremis, as the expectation is that she will go to St Mary’s.”

These latest reports support earlier rumours that Kate’s family were keen for her to welcome her and Will’s little one a little closer to home. “Kate’s family want the baby to be born at the Royal Berkshire Hospital,’ a family friend told the Telegraph earlier this year.

“Their thinking is that she will be based at her parents’ house during the later stages of her pregnancy and they do not want her to have to travel miles to Paddington when she goes into labour.”

Makes sense to us. Quick, paps, better get your butts up to Berkshire, pronto!

By Robyn Munson

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