Kate Middleton Rests While Pippa Middleton Parties

Kate Middleton might be easing up on her royal engagements during the latter stages of her pregnancy, but Pippa is taking one for the team on the clubbing front.

29-year-old Pippa Middleton is the queen of organising parties, but it turns out she is also a bit of a pro at going to them! The Duchess’ sister hit the tiles last night in a pair of patterned pyjama-style trousers and left Mayfair’s exclusive Loulou’s club in fits of giggles at 2.30am. On a Thursday! Blimey, Pip!

Her sister Kate, who’s set to make her an aunt in July, was presumably tucked up in bed as Pippa was rolling out of the exclusive private members’ club. Meanwhile, the Duchess has been practising her ‘most elegant pregnant lady ever’ routine, handling her royal appointments like a true pro. Big respect Kate, big respect.

By Lucy Hancock 10 May, 2013

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