This Is How Much Spending Money Kate, William And Harry Get

Woah. Want to know how much spending money Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry get?

Brace yourselves, because the figure is a little astonishing.

Thanks to Kensington Palace, we now know that Prince Charles deals out around £3 million for the three of them – this includes, staff, travel and official wardrobes. Crikey!

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In case you were wonderigng, Prince Charles draws an income from the Duchy of Cornwall, a massive estate traditionally given to the heir of the throne to fund his private and official lifestyle. So that explains where the money comes from.

So, what does this pay for? Well, take off any home refurbishment costs for Kate and William, as Anmer Hall was given to them by the queen, so the upkeep is paid for privately.

Also take off the couple’s personal staff – including Nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo and new Anmer Hall housekeeper Sadie Rice – as Charles’ money doesn’t go towards this, either.



So, what are the royals spending their allowance on?

Well, Kate’s lovely wardrobe aside, the gang does spend a lot on travel – flights to Japan and China last year cost William around £76,000, whilst a trip to New York for him and Kate in December came in at £18,000, People reports.

Prince Harry and his posse also forked out £95,000 to jet off to Brazil and Chile last June.



However, much of their travel is paid for by the countries that the Duke and Duchess visit, such as Australia and New Zealand.

So that leaves a hefty sum to spend on cute baby clothes for George and Charlotte, a few cool holidays, and some seriously wild nights out…

(Harry will see to that, we’re sure).