Prince William Tells Kate To ‘Stop Flirting’ At Charity Event

Kate Middleton and Prince William continue to give us relationship goals, enjoying some royal banter at the ICAP charity event. 

The fundraising event is held in the centre of London’s financial district, and sees traders donating their entire day’s revenue to a variety of different charities.

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Kate and William both took to the trading floor in order to offer their hand at raising some money. And all eyes were on the married couple as they engaged in plenty of flirtatious banter throughout their time there. 

According to PEOPLE, the Duchess of Cambridge went for a very polite approach to her calls, saying ‘pretty please’ to one trader, and wishing him a ‘very happy Christmas’.


Overhearing his wife’s conversation, Prince William is said to have turned to her, joking, ‘Catherine, I think you can stop flirting with them now!’

Laughing, the prince turned to trader Brett Lincoln, and said: ‘Sorry, my wife is just embarrassing me!’

It’s great to see that the royal couple have still got their special spark. 

Whilst taking a tour of the floor, the royal couple took part in shooting some basketball hoops.

Prince William managed to score three in a row, whilst Kate missed her first two but finally scored after her third try. 

Kate and Will even found time to play a game of tennis whilst there. 

The Duchess showed off her newly chopped locks, and opted for an emerald green dress and jacket combo – gorgeous!

The father of two apparently said to his famously competitive wife, ‘You’re not normally this polite when we play.’

She quipped, simply, ‘or this quiet.’